Jennie M Rummell LMT #14661
Therapeutic Massage Therapy
Services and Rates

Time of Service Rates

30 minute: $30

60 minute: $60

90 minute: $85

Ask about health insurance/MVA


Services Offered
Swedish Relaxation Massage
Trigger Point Therapy,
Pregnancy Massage for Mothers
Deep Tissue Massage

 Each session may include a variety of techniques.  The client will be informed of any techniques being used, if the client is uncomfortable at any point they need to inform the therapist of this.

Description of Services
~Swedish Massage~
Swedish massage uses gliding, kneading, friction, percussive strokes and vibration to relax the client and allow muscles to be worked.  This is typically done on skin and can be suited to your needs. If what you want is to relax, this can be full body or only certain areas.  Stress reduction is extremely beneficial to your well being and the enhancement of your body functioning.

~Trigger Point Therapy~
Trigger Point Therapy releases areas of tension within tightened muscles, great for relaxing neck muscles providing relief from headache and migraines. Trigger points are hyper-irritable spots in soft tissue that are painful and can create pain in other areas.  Trigger Point Therapy aims to return muscles and fascia to a more normal state that has fewer tight areas,  and no tenderness or pain.

 ~Pregnancy/Postpartum Massage~
This is done side lying or semi reclining starting after the first trimester. Helps alleviate common pregnancy stresses and enhances the function of muscles and joints.  Assists in blood return to the heart and provides healing touch.  Gives an opportunity to relax and be aware of your body. 

~Deep Tissue Massage~
This works deeper into the body tissues while using slower more controlled strokes.
This should not be painful. DT works into deeper layers of body tissue by working with your body and not using extreme force.  Deep Tissue requires communication with the therapist so that your specific needs are addressed.


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